’Evolution’ – Paint Correction Detail (1-5+ days)

This service is what defines a ‘Detailer’ from a ‘Valeter’. We use the industry leading products to complete a full decontamination of your vehicle. Following this an inspection will be undertaken and preliminary paint depth readings taken. The paintwork will then be corrected using a variety of compounds and machine  polishing techniques.

This service with as a standard cover the exterior and interior of your vehicle however the exterior alone can be catered for.

Additionally you have a choice of LSP (Last Stage Protectant) which ranges from hard carnauba waxes, synthetic sealants and the ultimate in protection – Ceramic coatings (ceramic coatings carry a significant premium but provide 3-5 years protection for your car).

Job time – 1 full day as a minimum however this option will regularly go into 2-3+ days depending on desired outcomes and LSP chosen

Recommended interval – 6 to 12 months (this will  vary depending on the protection coat that you chose – some will remain active for up to 5 years).

Pick up/drop off – available

Due to the complex nature of this service the price is upon application and will depending on your vehicles condition and your requirements. Prices for a ceramic coating are in addition to this service.

‘Armour’ Protection Detail


  • Jetwash (1st)
  • Apply fe (iron) fall out remover to chemically debond and dissolve iron contamination from brake discs and industrial fall out.
  • Apply citrus pre-cleaner to loosen and start the cleaning process.
  • Jetwash (2nd)
  • Snowfoam and allow to dwell. Crevice areas detail cleaned with soft detailing brush.
  • Jetwash (3rd)
  • Carefully hand wash with lambswool wash mitt using 3 bucket method (wash, rinse, wheels) and grit guards.
  • Jetwash (4th)
  • Carefully clay bar to complete the decontamination process of bonded contamination.
  • Jetwash (5th)
  • Apply rinse aid to assist with water disbursal and contactless drying process
  • Jewash (5th)
  • Pat dry using high quality, high GSM microfibre drying towels.
  • Blow dry crevice areas using hot air blower.
  • Apply 2x coats of customers chosen protection (does not include ceramic based products) to bodywork, wheels, glass and plastic.
  • Dress tyres with a natural finish dressing.
  • Vacuum interior.
  • Clean plastics with All Purpose Cleaner (APC).
  • Dress plastics with natural look interior product.
  • Where applicable spot clean minor staining (major soiling removal is available as an additional service).
  • Clean glass
  • Light leather clean (deep cleaning is available as an additional service as is production with SiRamik  Interior Coat Leather ICL)

Job time – 1 day but actual time may vary. Occasionally larger vehicles will take into the morning of the 2nd day.

Recommended interval – 3-6 months

Pick up/drop off – call to confirm

Small  £100
Medium £120
Large £150
4×4/People Carrier £170

‘Reload’ – Maintenance Detail (3-5 hours)‎

This service provides for regular maintenance cleaning of a lightly soiled vehicle. Typically we will carry out this service for customers who are looking to maintain their vehicle by means of regular ‘safe washing’. This service also includes a light interior clean and will encompass of the safe washing techniques and products used in our other services.

If your vehicle is heavily soiled (i.e has not been cleaned for 2 or more weeks) this is not an appropriate product for you.

Small £45
Medium £50
Large £60
4×4/People Carrier £75


Ceramic Alloy Wheel Protection (per set) – £95 (new uncontaminated wheels), £150 (used wheels)

SiRamik HR Wheels – containing the high silica content SC-HR has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components which makes it ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers. As a base coat for the paintwork SC-HR is the toughest and strongest SiRamik offers and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years of protection. Whilst this product has been designed to resist harsher chemicals we still when cleaning recommend using the most gentle product to get the job done.

Deep Interior Cleaning (call for quote)

We can remove spillage and water marks from interiors. Where things get really tough we also use specialist biological agents that will break down/kill the likes of proteins and bacteria.

Livery Removal (call for quote)

We can cater for all types of commercial de-stickering/removal of Livery. We will use specialist techniques and chemicals to ensure the safest possible method to remove the livery from your vehicle.

Specialist Interior Repair (call for quote)

We are highly experienced in the dismantle and reassembly of vehicle interiors and the repair/refurbishment of various components. Obvious this is a wide ranging scenario and therefore it isn’t possible to cover what we can and can’t repair. The best thing to do is give us a call and we can let you know. Take a look in the galleries to see some of the repair work we have done on various expensive and often irreplaceable interior components such as – switch gear, trim pieces, leather work.

Headlight restore – £150 with PPF or £95 with ceramic coating

Over time the corrosive effects of the elements can leave your headlights looking cloudy. We can remove (or greatly reduce) this corrosion and bring your lights back into an effective operating state. Aside from looking aesthetically poor this can also be an MOT failure.

Once restored the headlight will be then protected with your choice of self-healing paint protection film (PPF) or heat resistant ceramic coating.

Engine Bay Detail – £50

Plastics‎ are removed and cleaned. A specialist cleaner is used in the bay itself before the it is dressed with trim restorer. Steam cleaning can be introduced into this process but wherever possible this is avoided.

Scratch removal (individual) – call for quote

Individual scratches can be removed using a variety of polishing, wet sanding and ‘softening’ techniques. Paint depth gauges are always used to ensure that we are working within safe limits of the paint. Often deep scratches cannot be removed completely but ‘softening’ the scratch will actually take the eye away from it.

Plastic Trim Restoration – From £75

Faded and worn plastic trim can really affect the look of your vehicle. Using specialist restoration products we can rejuvenate the look of your vehicle. Whilst this is not a permanent procedure it will give a long lasting and durable enhancement. Prices will depend on the condition of the plastics and how much there is to restore.


It is important to understand that our services are not your average ‘hand car wash’ or indeed your average ‘valeting service’. We use the best products via tried and trusted suppliers. We operate with a small volume, high quality ethos to ensure that your vehicle is given the treatment it deserves and that you have paid for.

It is often difficult to explain why there is such a difference between having your car washed and having it detailed or valeted. Essentially it comes down to the following factors;


We often find ourselves rectifying damage caused by the cumulative effect of poor washing techniques. We invest thousands into training courses which not only ensure that we use the best techniques to keep your vehicle looking its best or to remediate damage but also gives us access to industry ‘locked’ products by becoming ‘approved’ by the manufacturers.


We have the knowledge of not only the vehicles we are working on, the paint systems used but also the products and equipment that need to be used to ensure that they work synergistically with one another. For example one product can react with another or that thin paint must be treated with extreme caution.


Unlike the local hand car wash we do not use industrial strength pressure washers designed to blast paint from floors, nor do with bathe your vehicle in hydrochloric brick acid and caustic Traffic Film Remover (TFR). Our products are designed specifically for high end vehicle decontamination, refinement and protection. Speed and volume is not of the essence with ourselves – getting it right is our priority. We use industry recognised equipment such as paint depth gauges, DA and rotary machine polishers, snow foam lances, Cree LED lamps amongst a whole host of other specialised items.


Our customers have a varied level of knowledge in respect of our industry so we are here to help and advise. You will be presented with options, expectations will be discussed as well as budget. The most expensive option will not always be answer to the requirement and we pride ourselves on honestly and openly advising in terms of what is achievable.

Tried and Tested;

We have several corporate clients as well as many valued repeat customers. Our work is available for all to see. You can be confident that we won’t make false promises and deliver excellence every time.

We are fully insured to pick up and drop off your vehicle to minimise the distruption to your day. Along side our other services this means you can achieve several goals in one visit.