Leather Repair Chester and North Wales

We are pleased to provide a specialist leather repair service for Chester and North Wales.

Using specialist leather repair techniques and products we can restore old faded leather, repair small rips and tears and deal with all manner of scuffs without the need to replace the leather panel or trim.

This is achieved by using specialised leather cleaners, pigments, sealants as well as a whole host of other products.

We can perform this repair at your home, place of work (provided access to electricity supply is available) or we can offer a fully insured pick up and drop off service.

All of our products are supplied by a reputable local specialist www.buffaloleather.com so you can be confident of a quality and durable repair.

The typical process;
– Clean repair area
– Prepare the surface where required.
– Apply specialist bonding, filler, leather gel products where required to create an appropriate surface with correct grain and texture.
– Mix and match colour pigment
– Apply colour pigment by hand or via airbrush. Blending out into the surrounding area to ensure a seamless finish.
– Apply matt, satin or gloss sealant to achieve the correct finish.
– Apply leather protectant ensuring a durable finish.