’Evolution’ – Paint Correction Detail (1-5+ days)

This service is what defines a ‘Detailer’ from a ‘Valeter’. We use the industry leading products to complete a full decontamination of your vehicle. Following this an inspection will be undertaken and preliminary paint depth readings taken. The paintwork will then be corrected using a variety of compounds and machine  polishing techniques.

This service with as a standard cover the exterior and interior of your vehicle however the exterior alone can be catered for.

Additionally you have a choice of LSP (Last Stage Protectant) which ranges from hard carnauba waxes, synthetic sealants and the ultimate in protection – Ceramic coatings (ceramic coatings carry a significant premium but provide 3-5 years protection for your car).

Job time – 1 full day as a minimum however this option will regularly go into 2-3+ days depending on desired outcomes and LSP chosen

Recommended interval – 6 to 12 months (this will  vary depending on the protection coat that you chose – some will remain active for up to 5 years).

Pick up/drop off – available

Due to the complex nature of this service the price is upon application and will depending on your vehicles condition and your requirements. Prices for a ceramic coating are in addition to this service.

‘Armour’ Protection Detail


  • Jetwash (1st)
  • Apply fe (iron) fall out remover to chemically debond and dissolve iron contamination from brake discs and industrial fall out.
  • Apply citrus pre-cleaner to loosen and start the cleaning process.
  • Jetwash (2nd)
  • Snowfoam and allow to dwell. Crevice areas detail cleaned with soft detailing brush.
  • Jetwash (3rd)
  • Carefully hand wash with lambswool wash mitt using 3 bucket method (wash, rinse, wheels) and grit guards.
  • Jetwash (4th)
  • Carefully clay bar to complete the decontamination process of bonded contamination.
  • Jetwash (5th)
  • Apply rinse aid to assist with water disbursal and contactless drying process
  • Jewash (5th)
  • Pat dry using high quality, high GSM microfibre drying towels.
  • Blow dry crevice areas using hot air blower.
  • Apply 2x coats of customers chosen protection (does not include ceramic based products) to bodywork, wheels, glass and plastic.
  • Dress tyres with a natural finish dressing.
  • Vacuum interior.
  • Clean plastics with All Purpose Cleaner (APC).
  • Dress plastics with natural look interior product.
  • Where applicable spot clean minor staining (major soiling removal is available as an additional service).
  • Clean glass
  • Light leather clean (deep cleaning is available as an additional service as is production with SiRamik  Interior Coat Leather ICL)

Job time – 1 day but actual time may vary. Occasionally larger vehicles will take into the morning of the 2nd day.

Recommended interval – 3-6 months

Pick up/drop off – call to confirm

Small  £175
Medium £185
Large £195
4×4/People Carrier £210

PCP Return

We can save you vast sums by rectifying issues with your vehicle before you return it to the lease company.

PCP returns can notoriously run into large sums if issues that fall outside of your “reasonable wear and tear” parameters arent met.

We can look to rectify and are happy to advise on any issues you may have concerns about to ensure that your bill is minimised or eradicated entirely.

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