Ferrari 360 Modena Ceramic Detail 

​This stunning Ferrari 360 Modena was in with us for a single stage paint correction and coating with SiRamik SC15 ceramic glasscoat. 

Simply a thing of beauty 

Book your vehicle in now for the best protection available on the market 

RANGEROVER EVOKE Maintenance Detail

Returning to us 2 months later after we performed a full Ceramic Coating on this brand new Evoke. 

Maintenance Detail carried out to ensure that the vehicle continues to look its best and the ceramic coating is maintained

Leather repair and reconnolisation

Leather repair on a 15 year old bolster. Prices start from as little as £60 for a bolster. All work is  carried out with industry standard pigments and sealants to give a hard waring and professional finish.


Car detailing with Nano Protection

We are pleased to announce that we are now an approved detailer for CSP Professional Detailing. This means we have access to an exciting range of simply amazing products which include Nano Particle Protection. Call today for a quote on your car.

Custom paintwork

Ford Focus dash trim repainted in modern look piano black

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Scratch removal machine polishing

Deep scratch removal from an Audi A4 bonnet caused by staples in the bottom of a cardboard box.



Supercar detailing Chester and Cheshire

2 lovely Italian ladies with a combined BHP of 980 in for full details.

Looking worth every penny of their combined £150k!