Carpet Upholstery Cleaning – Wet vacuuming

If your carpets and upholstery are dirty, soiled or stained we can massively improve their condition using professional equipment and chemicals that are designed to be safe and efficient.


Ceramic Coating Chester – Mercedes C63 AMG

Another beauty being treated to the best protection available. SiRamik ceramic coatings – HR, Ultima and Diamas.

A 3 stage system that gives unbelievable water repellency, making maintenance a doddle.

Leather Seat Repair

A critical part of a larger project we’re working on this week was repairing a nasty scratch to the leather of the drivers seat pad.

Following a deep clean of all leather trim in the vehicle we stripped back the existing leather pigment , lightly sanded the remaining damage and reapplied a new colour coat.

All pigments are mixed/matched by eye on sight and repairs are sealed with a durable leather sealant.

Don’t forget we now also offer a courtesy car for your convenience.

Machine Polishing Paint Correction

The initial cutting or “compounding’ stages being undertaken on this heavily marked Fiat Panda bonnet

Menzerna Heavy cut with a Scholl Concepts Blue pad on the Flex rotary polisher doing the trick.

Further polishing stages will be undertaken to refine the panel using finer compounds and Rupes Bigfoot DA.

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy headlights;
• Poor visibility when driving at night
• Potential MOT fail
• Ruins the aesthetics of the face of the vehicle

Headlight units can be refurbished for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Maserati Vs Porsche GT4

Nose to nose

Carbontastic Maserati and a really rather nice Cayman GT4.Having driven both I’d say for me it’s Mazzer on looks and GT4 on the road.

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Dry it with water?

SiRamik ATP NB ceramic 6 months down the line – this water behaviour was BEFORE we applied the top up coatings.
Still working excellently. Just starting to see a tiny amount of ‘drag’ as the water clears which will be totally eliminates by the top up coating.

Another benefit of a ceramic is you can dry the car with water to a huge degree. Low flowing water through a hose will pull most of the remaining water off your paint due to the super hydrophobic nature of the coating. #detailingchester #detailing #detailingcheshire #detailingworld #detailingnorthwales #detailingdoneright #detailersofinstagram #paintcorrection #machinepolishing #valeting #bmw #x5
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Tesla Model S New Car Ceramic Coating

With Tesla vehicles suffering from multiple issues and complaints from customers regarding the quality of the paint many new owners are turning to ceramic protection right from the off with their new vehicle. Whilst ceramics can only offer so much physical protection what they really excel with is making the washing process easier.

The superhydrophobic surface that the ceramic coatings impart onto your vehicle ensure that dirt doesn’t bond as easily and when it does its easier to debond. Long and short that makes the washing process much easier and you less likely to cause “mechanical damage” to the paint by removing the dirt during the hands on part of the washing process

Expert Leather Cleaning

This Range Rover Evoke was in need of some serious deep cleaning after only 4 years of neglect.



Maserati Ceramic Coating

Absolutely stunning Maserati in a few weeks ago for a light paint correction and ceramic coating with SiRamik Diamas Professionali. The world’s first true diamond coating. Using ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorod) technology this coating forms a tough, durable skin which is a exceptionally superhydrophobic, meaning maintenance is a breeze.